07 August 2019

Meaning: Section 1-Not Finding Meaning

At the center of the painting, a man is kneeling next to the lips of a statue of a sphinx. The man is wearing a cloth robe that covers most of his…

03 August 2019

Book Summary: Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer

The book, "Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer" tells the stories of 39 patients with incurable lung cancer. It aims to help…

20 July 2019


No one is immune from cancer, this nasty disease. Everyone could get it! The forty people, whose stories are in the book I wrote, are making…

09 December 2018

To Be Thankful Is Not A Commitment

To be thankful is an entitlement. It is not a commitment -- unless the person chooses to make it her own commitment. I could live as if life is…

08 December 2018

Truthful And Free

We wish for things, and when our wishes are not granted, we feel sad. We expect things, and when the norms upon which we grounded our expectations…

06 December 2018

Just Put It in a Box!

I drew a box on my iPad. Because it did not look like a box, I wrote its name next to it: “Box.” I created the box to open it when I want and…

04 December 2018

I Need Your Help

“How can I help when someone I love develops cancer?” This seems to be a simple question, and the answer can be both easy and difficult.